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Tracy Berg: Home


-Ice Chilled Music For Your Listening Pleasure-

-A Blend of New Age and Pop

-Easy Listening Instrumental Music

-Piano/Keyboard/Multi-Instrumental Music

-Mellow Ambient Music

-Pianist-Keyboardist-Composer-Tracy Berg

-My Music CDs and Individual Songs/MP3s are for sale online. Click on the "Links" tab on the left menu bar for the download locations or the "Get CDs" tab to purchase an actual CD from my recommended sources.

WELCOME FRIENDS! Thank you for visiting Blue Iceberg Music! I hope you find something here to your liking! The gift of music is enjoyed around the world and transcends all barriers and boundaries. Music is a language of its own and is universal and timeless. Music serves a purpose for almost everything we do. It is understood by every living creature on this big planet of ours. Who knows ? Maybe even beyond that.

These musical offerings that are presented to you are but a glimpse of some of my personal experiences down life's path. Some triumphs, some defeats, some in between. You will also gain some insight of my general perception and perspective of life in general. Hopefully many of you will find a connection with the emotions I am trying to convey. Discover and enjoy all the sounds, timbres, colors, textures and harmonies this special type of Instrumental New Age, Pop, Ambient, Easy Listening, music has to offer.

Piano/Keyboard artist Tracy Berg produces and performs a varied selection of Ambient Piano/Keyboard music. From solo acoustic piano to keyboards and synthesizers with accompaniment, there is virtually something for everyone to enjoy or appreciate. Each song possesses great emotion, sensitivity and sincerity. Music that is true and honest! And Tracy's music is especially well-suited for wedding ceremonies. Take a peek at one of my favorite sites about wedding music and bands.

Pianist/Composer/Keyboardist Tracy Berg was classically trained from 7 years of age through college. After graduation he moved to NYC then Chicago and studied Jazz Piano. He now resides in Houston, TX, and is a Jazz/New Age/Pop pianist/keyboardist, who performs a wide variety of music, which he often performs with The Roland Steele Band (a very cool jazz quartet). In addition, he has composed, produced and recorded 4 widely available solo CD's, on which he is the performer. Check out this website for free preivews of all the songs from all 4 albums.